Etsy Store Is Now Live!

My Etsy store is now officially live and features a few of my favourite designs as prints, plus a few surprises too! The current art prints are 6x4 in size, and cost less than a pint of beer! (Unless you're drinking in Wetherspoons, and if you exclude delivery) I've also listed a few handmade keyrings, and my first greetings card, a Pokemon-inspired anniversary card. 

Guess what, it gets better too! Pretty soon there will be bigger sizes in art prints, more keyrings and cards, might even knock out a few watercolour paintings of cute computers having a LAN party too. The eventual plan will be to make tees and mugs available through my Etsy store, but I don't have a spare £700 to buy all the printing gear. Unless anyone reading this is feeling super generous and is a millionaire and doesn't mind me marrying them, divorcing them half an hour later, and claiming half their stuff in the aftermath? You can keep the chihuahua, but I'm definitely getting the hot tub out of it.

You can throw me money in exchange for money over at Etsy. Full details (and some nifty looking thumbnails) are on the 'Etsy' page of my site. Its OK, I know that it involves effort to look for links, so just click here instead. Good job.

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  1. Check out your store my friend. Very nice. Glad to see you enjoying your talents.