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Hi! I'm Alex. You've stumbled upon my 'About Me' page. I guess I should write a little something about myself then.

I was born the year George Orwell predicted Big Brother would control our lives. Luckily 30 years later Big Brother is just a terrible TV program featuring attention-starved muppets shouting at each other. From age 6 or 7 I received my first video game console, an Atari 2600, as a birthday gift. From then on I've been a huge gaming nerd, I've owned so many consoles and lost at so many games its hard to name even 10% of them. This birthday gift started the long and winding path to geekdom.

By the time I was 21 I'd dropped out of university twice, picking up a love for graphic and web design inbetween all the pub crawls and inevitable hangovers. Ten years later, and even though I'm still terrible at gaming and web/graphic design, I've somehow stumbled my way through designing a few T-Shirts and a website to display them all on.

Other than spending most of my time staring at Adobe Photoshop and getting whooped at video games, I'm also a father of 4 little geeks-in-training. Most of my free time is spent cleaning their muddy handprints off my jeans, teaching them the names of DC and Marvel comic book characters, and letting them watch me play 'Portal'.

I have a whole bunch of social networks, which I'm super active on. Click the links below to visit my random geeky timelines (see what I did there?)

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